Alle foredragene-2018

Her er alle antatte foredrag til til OUGNs Vårseminar 2018


Track Foredragsholder Tittel
Analytics Christen Seeberg Data Discovery and Visualization on Machine Learning steroids
Analytics Magnus Fagertun What did Hadoop ever do for us?
Analytics Jerome Francoisse Fast Data using Oracle Data Integrator with Spark Streaming and Kafka
Analytics Gurcan Orhan How to solve complex business requirements with Oracle Data Integrator?
Analytics Gurcan Orhan Migration steps from OWB to ODI
Analytics Kuassi Mensah Turning Oracle Tables into Hadoop, Spark, Flink and Beam Datasources
Analytics Gianni Ceresa GDPR & You: The Nightmare of BA (but Graphs DB Will Save You)
Analytics Andy Rivenes Oracle Database In-Memory – Real-Time Analytics
Analytics Deniz Akkøk Intelligent transformering og kvalitetssikring av data (ELT/EDQ)
Analytics Kåre Søyland OBIEE med brukerne i fokus
Analytics Francesco Tisiot OBIEE: Going Down the Rabbit Hole
Analytics Francesco Tisiot Visualising Streams
Analytics Pål Børseth-Hansen Oracle og maskinlæring
Analytics Kim Berg Hansen Approximate but Fast answers versus Accurate but Slow
Apps EVRY I skyen med Norske tog
Apps EVRY Et dypdykk i ERP Coud løsningen for Norske tog
Apps Andreas Larsen Oracle ERP Cloud – Første Implementering i Norge – Erfaringer gjort
Apps Eirik Stoltz Oracle ERP Cloud og integrasjon
Apps Adam Thorp How to make your Human Resources tools play nice with the rest of your IT infrastructure
Apps Susan Duncan Building Extensions to Oracle SaaS – The Visual Approach
Core Tech Mike Dietrich Migrate a 230 TB database cross-platform in less than a day
Core Tech Simon Pane Important steps to make your Oracle DB more secure, right now!
Core Tech Ingemar Haverstad Når reserveløsningen blir oversvømmet
Core Tech Patrick Hurley MySQL: the least an Oracle DBA needs to know
Core Tech Patrick Hurley GoldenGate: a Live Introduction
Core Tech Ricardo Gonzalez Next Generation Oracle ACFS – What, Why and How
Core Tech Uwe Hesse Exadata Smart Scan Deep Dive
Core Tech Markus Flechtner Domain Services Cluster in Oracle 12c Release 2 – One Cluster to rule them al
Core Tech Markus Flechtner The three investigators: OraChk, TFA, DBSAT
Core Tech Magne Rosendahl Cloud Control
Core Tech Andy Rivenes Oracle Database In-Memory Implementation and Usage
Core Tech Marcin Przepiorowski RMAN From Beginner to Advanced
Core Tech Roar Haldorsen Norges første ZDLRA i produksjon
Core Tech Arild Haugstulen DBVisit – STANDBY: Replikeringsløsning uten enterprise
Core Tech Daniel Morgan Oracle Security for DBAs and Developers
Core Tech Daniel Morgan Oracle Database 12.2 Application Containers
Core Tech Oddne Rasmussen Kryptering av datatrafikk og auditing av databasebrukere
Core Tech Björn Bolltoft SQL Tuning for Expert DBAs
Core Tech Toon Koppelaars Connection Pool Concepts, and How to Size Them
Core Tech Sai Janakiram A 360-Degree View of Oracle Database Cloud Service
Core Tech Neil Chandler It’s a Disaster! Making it better with FarSync and Fast Connect Failover
Core Tech Neil Chandler Histograms are Evil like Chocolate is Evil
Core Tech Simon Pane Securing Your DBA Monitoring & Backup Scripts’ Database Credentials
Core Tech Mike Dietrich Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2 – Real World Customer Cases
DB Development Kim Berg Hansen When 7-bit ASCII ain’t enough – about NLS, Collation, Charsets, Unicode and such
DB Development Patrick Barel Get your money’s worth out of your Database
DB Development Alan Arentsen Apex 5 plugins for everyone
DB Development Simon Haslam Traditional Oracle Professionals: let’s talk about REST!
DB Development Ricardo Gonzalez Test and Development Environments provisioning with Oracle ACFS
DB Development Alex Nuijten Structuring an APEX application
DB Development Lars Johan Ulveseth Databasen i skyen – eksterne tabeller – hvordan løser vi dette da?
DB Development Patrick Barel Increase your programming confidence by using Unit Tests.
DB Development Kuassi Mensah What’s In Oracle database 18 for Java and JavaScript Developers
DB Development Toon Koppelaars The Database: Processing Engine, or Persistence Layer?
DB Development Roel Hartman A Deep Dive into APEX JET Charts
DB Development Øyvind Isene Importer data fra Nasjonal Veidatabank til Oracle og vis dem på kart med APEX
DB Development Roel Hartman Top Ten Tweaks for the Interactive Grid
DB Development Alex Nuijten Life after Forms: The Move to APEX
Development/DevOps Gianni Ceresa Pimp your DevOps with Docker: an Oracle BA Example
Development/DevOps Simon Haslam Delivering Mobile Apps to the Field using Oracle
Development/DevOps Alan Arentsen Oracle JET is too complicated for me
Development/DevOps Geertjan Wielenga Mobile Development with JavaScript and Oracle JET
Development/DevOps Sai Janakiram Modernize Your Development Experience with Oracle Developer Cloud Service
Development/DevOps Maarten Smeets Microservices on Application Container Cloud Service
Development/DevOps Lasse Jenssen Several roads leads to Rome – a performance note
Development/DevOps Marcin Przepiorowski Efficient test data management
Development/DevOps Robert van Mölken Building a practical Blockchain with Oracle’s Blockchain Cloud Service
Development/DevOps Geertjan Wielenga Hands on Lab: Getting Started with Oracle JET 90 min
Development/DevOps Richard Olrichs Case Study: Building your hybrid application using VBCS, MAX & JET 90 min
Development/DevOps Robert Marz Automatically deploy schema changes with Ansible and Liquibase
Development/DevOps Dalibor Blazevic Deploying Artifacts to Oracle Cloud with FlexDeploy
Development/DevOps Roel Hartman Docker for Dummies
Development/DevOps Jorge Quilcate Implementing Reactive Patterns for Distributed Systems with Open Source
Integration Jon Petter Hjulstad Chatbot – and the need to integrate
Integration Luis Campos Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Hyperledger and what is Oracle doing in this space
Integration Jorge Quilcate Distributed Tracing for your Integration platform
Integration Robert Marz Apiary & Swagger: Management and Documentation of REST APIs
Integration Richard Olrichs Implement your business process with PCS
Integration Robert van Mölken Top tips for mastering integrations in the cloud
Integration Francisco Arturo Viveros Next Generation APIs with Oracle PaaS: An End-to-End Use Case
Integration Maarten Smeets What you need to know about Transport Layer Security
Strategy&More Luis Campos Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud: Load and Go!
Strategy&More Inge Os Fasttrack to increased GDPR compliance
Strategy&More Inge Os Is the war against cybercrime lost?
Strategy&More Bjarte Drivenes Tror du på et liv etter Oracle Fusion Middleware?
Strategy&More Per Anders Jørgensen Robotene er her – Hvordan bygge din første ChatBot
Strategy&More Bente Akre APEX og skreddersydde applikasjoner i skyen – sikkert, raskt og effektivt.
Strategy&More Dr. M. Naci Akkok Erfaringer med å bygge opp moderne logiske datavarehus og data-nav
Strategy&More Francisco Arturo Viveros Introducing OMESA, the Open Modern Enterprise Software Architecture Project
Strategy&More Henning Maagerud Sårbarheter i samfunnskritiske infrastrukturer
Strategy&More Daniel Schrijver Manage and Secure Hybrid Cloud at Scale Using Artificial Intelligence
Strategy&More Bastiaan van Os An introduction to blockchain technology and it’s use cases
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