Vårseminar 2018

Start dato:
08.03.2018 kl 10:00

Slutt dato:
10.03.2018 kl 10:00

Color Fantasy, Color Line Terminalen, Hjortneskaien

OUGNs vårseminar seiler videre

I mars samler vi igjen noen av verdens beste innen Oracle. Fra Oslo kan du bli med på konferansen tur/retur Kiel, til en uslåelig pakkepris:

- 2 dager fullspekket med foredrag
- 2 overnattinger, inkl. frokost og middager
- Underholdning
- Alle fasiliteter om bord i Color Fantasy
- Mulighet for å gå i land i Kiel
- Direkte tilgang til mange Oracle-representanter
- 2 dager på en glimrende arena for å vedlikeholde og knytte nye kontakter!

Alt dette fra kr 7995,- (Early Bird innen 12. januar)

I år vil vi også få spennende foredrag innen digitalisering og sikkerhet.

Vi seiler ut fra Oslo torsdag den 8. mars og ankommer kai Oslo igjen lørdag morgen kl. 10:00.

Informasjon om foredragene og annet i programmet finner du her


Bryn Llewelyn master class on EBR

Arrangement sted: Scandic Bergen City, Håkonsgaten 2-7

It is our pleasure to welcome Bryn Llewellyn to Bergen. He will give us a one day EBR training on his Scandinavian EBR-tour:

Tuesday, November 28, 2017  –  8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

The seminar in itself is free of charge. Thanks Oracle!
OUGN will only charge for facilitating the event. NOK 200

Register here!

This is a training that at Oracle University would be billed as a master class with a much higher cost than an ordinary course. Being able to attend this is training at a quality you seldom get and getting it for free makes it one of the best training opportunities for Oracle specialists this year.

EBR as defined by Oracle:
Edition-based redefinition (EBR), enables online application upgrade with uninterrupted availability of the application. When the installation of an upgrade is complete, the pre-upgrade application and the post-upgrade application are able to be used at the same time. Therefore an existing session can continue to use the pre-upgrade application until its user decides to end it; and all new sessions can use the post-upgrade application. When there are no longer any sessions using the pre-upgrade application, it can be retired. When used in this manner, EBR enables hot rollover from the pre-upgrade version to the post-upgrade version, with zero downtime.

Background to Bryns mastery in EBR:
Bryn was part of the team that did the requirements analysis for EBR and that went on to do the conceptual design. He has been the Product Manager for EBR since before the GA of Oracle Database version 11.2 was announced at OpenWorld 2009. (This is the version that brought EBR.) He continues to participate in conceptual design work with each new database release. Bryn has presented on EBR an uncountable number of times, both at conferences and in web presentations for customers. He has advised many customers about their adoption and deployment of EBR.

As you can see, Bryn is THE person to teach you about this technology!

In general, patching or upgrading the artifacts in an Oracle Database that implement an application’s back end involves changing two or more functionally dependent objects. Because each DDL auto commits, such changes inevitably imply that the system is mutually inconsistent once the patching begins and that its integrity is regained only when patching completes. Before EBR, your only option, therefore, was to take downtime. EBR allows you to create a semantic copy of the live system within the same database so that you can make your changes to that while the live system remains in uninterruped use. Of course, the quota-consuming data must be mutually synchronized, transactionally. EBR supports this too. This workshop explains how it all works.

What you can expect:
You will appreciate the conceptual and practical challenges that any technology that aims to support zero-downtime application patching must meet. You will understand how EBR meets these challenges. And you will realize that no other conceivable approach could meet these. You will gain a deep understanding of EBR’s key features: the edition, the editioning view, and the cross edition trigger. The workshop will prioritize giving you a robust mental model so that you will be able confidently to design how you will adopt EBR in your database and then implement EBR exercises to meet your zero-downtime patching requirements. You will be shown the SQL statements and PL/SQL subprogram calls that you need in sufficient detail to make your new understanding concrete and immediately usable.

Format of the training:
The format will be upfront teaching using ordinary slides and on-the-fly Q&A. You will see various SQL*Plus demos and discuss code. But you will not need to bring laptops to do your own hands-on work. After the event, you will be able to download, from the Oracle Database PL/SQL and EBR blog, a carefully written whitepaper, current as of Oracle Database version 12.2, that covers all of the workshop’s content—and more—in detail. And all the code that you see will be published there too.

About Bryn:
Bryn Llewellyn Distinguished Product Manager Database Server Technologies, Oracle HQ

Bryn Llewellyn has worked in the software field for more than thirty-five years. He joined Oracle UK in 1990 at the European Development Center to work on the Oracle Designer team. He transferred to the Oracle Text team and then into consulting as the text specialist for Europe. He relocated to Redwood Shores in 1996 to join the Oracle Text Technical Marketing Group. He has been the product manager for PL/SQL since 2001. In 2005, he became responsible, additionally, for edition-based redefinition (EBR for short). This is the Oracle Database capability that supports online application upgrade. It’s hard for Bryn to remember his life before Oracle. He started off doing image analysis and pattern recognition at Oxford University (programming in FORTRAN) and then worked in Oslo, first at the Norwegian Computing Center and then in a startup. In Norway, Bryn programmed in Simula (its inventors were his close colleagues). This language is recognized as the first object-oriented programming language and was the inspiration for Smalltalk and C++.

Bryn is an Oak Table member.

Presentasjoner fra OTN Nordic Tour 2017

OUGN arrangerte OTN Nordic Tour onsdag 25. oktober 2017 på Felix Konferansesenter, Aker Brygge i Oslo. Omlag 40 deltakere fikk med seg en rekke gode sesjoner med dyktige foredragsholdere. Her er presentasjonene som ble holdt:

Bjarte Brant – Container Technology

Frits Hoogland – Linux memory explained

Frits Hoogland – Provisioning the clouds

Heli Helskyaho – Big Data And Multi model db

Heli Helskyaho – Design Your Databases Straight To The Cloud

Lasse Jenssen – Many roads to Rome

Lasse Jenssen – Case Study: PLSQL TRAIN MIGRATION

Trond Brenna – Multitenant 12.2 v1.0

Trond Brenna – P99 Bli ekspert på Multitenant_scripts (ZIP-fil med script som ble gjennomgått live under presentasjonen)

Vidar Eidissen – GDPR – Hvordan få jobben gjort?

Øyvind Isene – Open Data and XE

Øyvind Isene – Visual Data In APEX